Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My new ragtoy, Mike Salk, sat down for an interview with the non-award-winning RadioInk blog/publication, and as far as I can tell, had nothing to say.see e.g.: The on-air is going to be four hours a day and that leaves 20 hours in a day. This means he will use Twitter.

 I will say this, Michael is incredible. He is a huge, huge talent. I have listened to him for a long time. It is not the first time I have heard Michael.  Ooops, watch your back, Mike

Yeah, and it is no disrespect to Seattle fans, but Boston is sports-crazed. It is the single most important thing in Boston - what is going on with the four local professional sports teams. That passion, that intensity that a Boston fan brings, that is part of the allure of this job. And they are paying you how much for this insight?

In summation, this guy has nothing going for him, other than the fact that he is not Don Cilio, or whoever that honk was over the holidays.It's Dan Sileo, and he still sucks.

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