Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turn The Page, Twist The Knife

If there is a pattern emerging from early Spring Training "At The Fort", and there is, is it this:

1) I (name of player) want to turn the page.
2. Bobby Valentine made me do all those things that were bad for the team.

We have previously had Lester and Lackey (who didn't even play for Valentine, just traveled with the tram on his year long tour of titty bars and Ruth Chis' Steak Houses).

Yesterday, it was the notorious Charter Members of My Shit Don't Stink  Club, Dustin Pedroia and D, Ortiz.

Note to readers: I wrote the above entry, knowing there were stories out there to be linked. I haven't even read them yet, and I fucking know what they are going to say.

Ok I read them. Bingo. No need to edit the intro.

Here's pasivo-agresivo D. Ortiz:"Ortiz got in some shots at Valentine, saying the former manager “did things I’d never seen in the game before.” 

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