Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grapes, Bitter

John Rooke, who we all vaguely remember as having been on the radio in Boston is now something called  "GoLocalProv Sports Editor.

Which I guess has something to do with Rhode Island.

At any rate, I missed his blast on Mike Salk a month or so ago, but here it is

 Having worked with and known Mike Salk for about 10 years now, he’s a very talented communicator in his own right…much like Ordway has been. But will he be an entertainer? Can he be a polarizing personality in an area that demands such? He’s a Boston guy, who comes from working in Seattle…after a network stint at the ESPNmother ship and time spent in radio purgatory at 1510 and 890 (where I worked with him) in Boston. I hope he’s got back-up…

(my emphasis)

Good Luck, bro.

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