Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Human Rain Delay Evaporates

There is a pageant of sorrowful goodbyes on the Red Sox broadcast today, for Jon "I'm Jon Rish", aka the Human Rain Delay, is leaving WEEI effective today.

Acordingly,there is a faux celebration of his life and times as the Red Sox do their best to get out of town.

Not a big fan, but he did replace Glenn Geffner. Actually, that's technically wrong, since Dale Arnold did, but I just wanted to slap Geffner around again for old times' sake.

Lou Merloni got a try out earlier in the week on "color", but that's likely to wear thin as well. Plus 9 innings of Joe C's endless Passion Play gets a little old, after a while.

The Rish news is sort of old, having been reported back on April 9. Here's a little tidbit from that report:

Rish is said to have been asked to take a significant paycut, something which is becoming commonplace at WEEI. It says something that a person would give up a position as a radio play-by-play voice for the Boston Red Sox in order to get out of the business altogether.

More here. and here. Rish threw a couple of bombs here

Guessing that John Ryder will continue the meaningless task of pre and postgame shows.

Mr. Rish is going to train to become a software engineer, according to the broadcast.

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