Monday, April 1, 2013

Jerk Gone Bad

          Just got done reading "Nailed", subtitled "the improbable rise and spectacular fall of Lenny Dykstra". I never liked the guy, thought he was a phony in the same way that @Lasershow15 is a phony.

          However, Dykstra, following his playing "career" took things to a new level, claiming to be an Options Pick Genius, among other hard-to-believe accomplishments. If this book is to be believed, and there is no reason not to, Dykstra started a bunch of bone-headed projects as a cover for his addiction to 1) private jets 2) hotel suites 3) hot cars and 4) himself. He funded all this by duping people into paying it, talking them into him using their credit cards (really?), repeatedly, and not paying "employees".

          In short, a disgusting tale, well- told by a guy (Chris Frankie) who wrote for him and otherwise enabled his foolishness, up to a point. Well worth the read.

Disclosure: they gave me a free review copy and the FTC says I have to tell you that.

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