Monday, April 1, 2013

(Now Done) Live Blogging Game 1 April 1, 2013

Woof. Live listening to the creaking radio broadcast of the Yankee-Sox Opener. I spared you comment on the interminable pre-game show, with a bunch of new, soon-to-be-forgotten advertisers

1:12 first pitch. Joe has already dipped into his umpire trivia and John Rish read the "tonight" copy.

1:13 We hear the words we so much want to hear: "Bran ButterfieldanativofMaine". No other surname.

1:15 "Everybody starts this game batting .000" Oh boy....

1:16 Now I can relax: There is still a Giant Part of the Lineup", even though, well, you know....

[Bottom First]

Ok, that went well...

Lester K to first batter. Joe is giddy.

First Dropin "Geico Text question the game". That won't get old.

Awesomely bad play by Salty. Cano gets bag on a K.

YoouKKKKKK is "clean-shaven"

Joe to Youk "Did you ever think you'd be batting clean-up for the Yankees Opening Day?" Youk chuckled. Great anecdote.

[Top 2]

Great to hear NO new spots for AT&;T. The stupid "Ted sees his kid do ________ on his phone" spot still running after 10 months.

John Lester likes Fords. Great.

More dropins. God.

Some guy who plays shortstop for Yankees is no Jeter. Ball bounces off glove.
Joe appears ready to vote JBL into the HOF. "Jackie. Bradley. Junior"

JBL has awesome plate discipline, or something. He walks.

John Rish "CC doesn't look like himself". Downer

Same non-Jeter guy doesn't make a play. JBL responsible therefore. The legend continues. Sox- 1-0

Youk comes to the plate and succeeds. JBL on 3rd. What are the chances?

First pitch-count update of the season. Only took 31 minutes.

JBL scores two runs on the same play. This guy is awesome. Sox 3-0

Rish "you can't live there": thigh high 90 mph fastball.

Sox 4-0. Let's save a few boys. Pedroia batting 1.000.

Some guy acquired from Seattle is warming for Yanks. Not a good sign.

Napoli pissed about the 2nd and 3rd years. Flies out.

[Bottom 2]

Sweet Jesus, Geico is heavy rotation already. This is going to be rough.

First annoying score update of the season, featuring John "I don't sleep" Ryder.

Getting cocky. Shitting on the Yanks OD Lineup.

No DP. Joe wanted it bad.

"Nix" could be spelled NICKS. Isn't. St. Nick reference fail. Stevie still awaiting the call.prediction: 5th Inning

Joe, cocky, wonders in Yanks can be called "bombers" this year. Whoa there, buddy.

[Top 3]

More shitty pizzas, for less money.

What, exactly is a "spiral sliced ham"? Glad you asked

Last year's Giant spot still plowing in the rotation.

John, the human rain delay, Rish takes over. Obie is being paid by TWWL. Thanks for nothing.

Two advertisers dropins for one batter, who strikes out. This is radio.

CC gets right, thanks to the umps.

[Bottom 3]

Settling in to very little...

Brice Harper ("y"?) hits 2 HR's, wish I was there.

John Sterling, nee Sloss, gets a jab from Rish. Joe likes Sterling. Go figure. He hated Glenn Geffner, so there's that.

JBJ throws leather on his way to HOF. Runs deep ball down.

[Top 4]

{btw, thanks for the traffic, Blogger wants to now what's going on.}

Oh shit, those dopes up in Maine signed up for another year of promoting dumb festivals. #MONEYWELLSPENT

"What are the chances, Joe?" JBJ throws leather and LEADS OFF THE NEXT INNING. Collect all 45 in the series.

JBJ gets schooled on 3 pitches, Welcome to the Bigs.

Trump gets a mention. Welcome to NY.

Youk dumps leather. Iggy gets a hit. "He's hitting 1.000"

There are empty seats at YS. Preview of Fenway. Joe notes that this is the first time since '57 that the two clubs opened in NY. Except it was the Giants.

Ellsbury adds 600k to his next contract. Gets a hit.

Pedroia not hitting 1.000 anymore.

[Bottom 4]

ATT Ted ad again. Hope ATT's account exec is renting instead of buying.

Little Debbie snacktime. Again? Really? Isn't there a law against them? Bloomberg?

Lester slips into to "wanting a call"

Salty catches a ball.

Bases loaded. Rish is giddy.

5 K's for Lester. Nix loox.

Cervelli [?] hits a well struck ball and plates two, um, Bombers.

Juan Nieves, welcome to RSN

K=Lester was a pitch away.

K didn't happen.
The dreaded pitch count=83. It's not Ft. meyers. Victorino catches a ball. breaking....

[Top 5]

Verizon has fresh copy, ATT, you suck.

CC up to 80 pitches. This is how we listen to a game.

Paul McCartney, if still alive, will play at Fenway sometime this summer. PMac goes to a lot of games at YS.  Joe wanted to see the Beatles at Shea, couldn't get a ride. I knew a girl whose mother took her. She was a slut (the girl not the mother, although now that I think about it....)

83 pitches for CC. no kidding.

I didn't have Bob Turley in the Death Pool. I bet he saw the Beatles at Shea.

Salty rakes CC or was it the reverse?

Maine Office of Tourism squanders more bucks on "The Road Ahead". Does Gov. Dumbo know?

Oh the humanity. Walking Gomes to get to JBJ. The legend continues....

Joe recounts JBJ's entire career to date. 2 at bats.

Make way for the "Palmetto God of Walks" JBJ on base, setting the table for Iggy.

3rd time today I've heard Iggy spent time with Pedroia in off-season. Anything else boys?

Oh, pitch count. near 100. Ellsboros could be CC's last batter.

Iggy is from Cuba. Figures. pop out.

[Bottom 5]

Jeter's number will be retired, if he ever gets on the field.

Vernon Wells is taking a brutal beating from Joe. On and on.

96 pitches for Lester. Just so you know.

[Top 6]

typical RS/Y game 2.0 hours in. Starting to feel like those poor souls on YouTube reading off titles of every uploaded video ever.

CC is out. Some bad pitcher is in.

Ellsboros triples, doesn't score -$400k

Does Napoli have to bat twice in the order, as he appears to be doing?

[Bottom 6]

sorry, I have a meeting to go to. also, this is brutal. 161 games to go.

Thanks for joining in.

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