Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Week After

I was away from NE during school vacation week, and so viewed the events of the Boston bombing from afar. Mike Salk had a rich opportunity to sound smart, thoughtful and engaged. I listened often and heard nothing.

A missed opportunity, or an inability to deliver?


soxdownunder said...

I agree generally with your assessment of Salk; he seems a fairly shallow fellow. However, he did have a moment in the sun, I thought, telling people in effect to get over the David Ortiz expletive. As I said elsewhere, they train young men to drop fire on people but won't let them right 'fuck' on the aeroplanes because it's obscene. Or something.

Also, I note that John (I'm John Rich) Rich is leaving the radio team today.

And I happened upon this odd thing:


soxdownunder said...

where right = write

soxdownunder said...

Oh yeah and listening to Merloni and 'Mutt' and D & C reminded me of why they are sports commentator and not, like, journalists. They outrage and foolishness made my blood boil (and kept me awake at 3am! down under).