Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Greetings, Friends (2013)

(Apologies, as usual to Roger Angell)
Greetings, Friends.
Pull up a chair.
Our World Series Cup
Ain't goin' nowhere.
Each year, at this time
We reflect and we rhyme,
Thinking back on theyear
(Sometimes it's a whine)
But this year?
"Why No", I declare
The Big One
Materialized from out of thin air.
Last year, it was Veets
Go ahead, look it up.
And we bitched and I moaned
And slopped rum from a cup.
But this year, sweet Yeezus,
What a glorious time,
It was frightening, it was scary,
It was never sublime.
On Ellsbury, On Lackey
Ross, Oki and Drew
Where do we stop?
Hanranhan, too?
No, let's don't get excited,
Forget Andrew Miller
Invoke Mike Napoli
Ver-Sher-Fister Killer
And what did my wondering eyes did appear?
Big Papi, well into his forty-ninth year.
"This is our fucking city'
He cried in the Spring
Maybe so, but it's all His when the Fall colors sing.
Bow down to The Ortiz
That's it. No rhyme here.
We've never seen anything like it.
Thanks, David.
Ben Cherrington,
He of the Theo-like sound
Plays the numbers,
But rolls dice when Bill's not around.
That James for you newbies,
Most stay down on the farm
But Bogaerts, and Jackie
Will come arm and arm
To the Big Leagues, Our Team
And the broad Fenway Green.
Strong Up the middle,
Unlike The Empire's Team
Hello, Brian Roberts.
Goodbye Rob Canoe.
Sure, they've got Ellsbury
20 million a throw.
No need to be bitter,
No need to be crass.
The Yankees can chew on
My right hindmost ass.
That was a slip,
I have nothing but love,
But 300 million
Should buy you a glove.
Shane Victorino,
The Flyin' Hawaiian
Singlehandedly made
Bob Marley current again.
Mike Carp with his neckbeard
Salty tried ,too.
But the most godawful lettuce
What sported by who?
It's a tie. Naps and Gomes.
Who would be in THAT fight?
Hey buddy can somebody give me a light?
In fields here and there.
Non-baseball was played
Raise a cup for Ed Snowden.
Oh hai! NSA!
But back to our beisbol,
Did I mention the Series?
I thought so. We won.
So there's that.
Not even a chance with a rhyme
From that last one.
But the Sox won the World Series
So there's that.
John Farrell, Juan Nieves
Castig, Obie, too.
We never stray far from the
Words of that crew.
Since I'm feeling gen'rous
Call out to Merloni
John Rish and John Ryder
Third Mike Broni.
A year end salutation
Would not be complete
Without a big shout out to
People we meet.
First and foremost, hb,
The leader of the crew.
Without him, we'd be posting
On Sox.edu.
Rich, Nat, and Buck
Jfm and Kaz too.
SDU, whom I met
And who bought me a brew. (It was two)
Listing names can be trouble
I'll leave out a few.
Or a hundred,
I'm through.
Who knew?
Let's step and look fondly
On Twenty-13.
Be honest, you never saw
This in a dream.
We'll pause and consider
We'll never forget...
How to sync EEI
With a Fox TV set.
The year was a gift,
And the players were great
Now let's try to go
154 and 8.
To your families, and your friends,
Good joy, health and cheer,
From you surly, irascible
Old Pal, LC.

Happy Holidays.
See you in the Series.

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Nicely done, you creep :)

Happy Christmas!