Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can Truck Day Be Far Behind?

More reliable than a groundhog, and earlier than Truck Day, we know Solace and Relief are afoot when we read about the annual pilgrimage to The Frozen North (i.e. Bangor, Maine) for our intrepid Red Sox Radio crew Joe Castig. and Obie.

Well, it happened again this week, so pitchers and catchers must be reporting anon. Obie, who logs more miles than a quarterhorse doing basketball for E***, makes it, somehow. Joe, of course, came to Bangor fresh after propping up broken down semi-rich folks at Fantasy Camp last week, and probably was on that cruise that they incessantly promoted during the 4th inning. every day. last year.

At any rate, there are two stellar accounts of the evening, here and here. Joe, in speaking with a local blogger, seems to have set the record for using the term "no other market does it" when referring to the event. I don't blame Joe, maybe the transcriptor of the interview.

Look, 600 people showed up. And, they never invited Geffner.

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