Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Clock Starts on Mike Salk Elimination Party. Also Remy.

The Boston Broadsheet has a detailed execution strategy for Mike Salk laid out today, in which some guy named Phil who is the head of Entercomm in Boston, this week, says that Glenn Ordway may be back to prop up the hideous WEEI midday show. More telling, statements are afoot that Salk is not going to stay in the afternoon, which would be fine with everyone, since he doesn't add much. He doesn't take a position, vacillates, comes down in the middle, teases stuff with no payoff and generally sounds unsure. Michael Holley is an intelligent writer and thinker. Salk isn't.

And then there is Jerry Remy, who is coming back to NESN. Anybody who heard his unscripted interview on the radio this morning heard pain. Another public interment played out on our aiurways in the coming months. Remy is suffering, angst-ridden, loves baseball. Ugh. Not gonna be pretty.

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